If you are looking for perfect silk buttonholes for the groom and guests at your wedding or a friend’s wedding, then look no further than www.silkflowers4ever.co.uk.  Whether you’re looking for buttonholes for groom or guests, you will find something suitable among their selection of beautiful silk flowers.

For the groom, you’ll easily find something to match or complement the bride’s flowers, or you can choose something completely different to provide a contrast.  With ten arrangements to choose from, including the classic Calla Lily and Ivory Rose/White Freesia, as well as the striking Orange Gerbera, the groom is bound to find something he likes.

And for your guests, there’s a lovely selection, including roses, orchids, calla lily, carnations, gerberas and more, all in several colours and styles.  Prices start from just £1.50, and you can even buy a pack of buttonholes to provide for the whole bridal party.  So whatever your colour scheme, your guests can have buttonholes to match.

And the lovely thing about silk flowers is that of course they all look perfect, and don’t have to be put in water overnight to keep them fresh!  So that’s one less thing to worry about.

For more information, call 01634 244976 or email info@silkflowers4ever.co.uk, or fill in the contact form on the website http://www.silkflowers4ever.co.uk/contact-us/.