www.silkflowers4ever.co.uk specialises in creating beautiful artificial flower arrangements, bouquets and buttonholes for weddings and other occasions.  Their flowers look like real flowers, but have certain significant advantages.  For a start, they don’t need watering, so you can buy your bouquet and arrangements well in advance, and they will still look beautiful on your wedding day.  No rushing around on the day trying to pick up your bouquet around hair and nail appointments!  And your bouquet will still look as fresh years later, when you come to show it to your children.  Your daughter could even use it at her wedding.

What’s more, with artificial flowers, you can have exactly the flowers you want in your bouquet or arrangement without worrying about what’s in season, or how many thousand miles they’ve been flown, at what environmental cost.  All orders are made by hand, and will be made up in the colours you choose, so you can choose an unusual colour combination without worrying.

Why would you choose artificial flowers over real flowers?  Looking at www.silkflowers4ever.co.uk, a better question would be why would you choose real flowers over artificial ones?

For more information, call 01634 244976 or email info@silkflowers4ever.co.uk, or fill in the contact form on the website http://www.silkflowers4ever.co.uk/contact-us/.